WowRentals Interview on Half Hour Intern Podcast

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Blake Fletcher, the host of the very popular Half Hour Intern podcast.   I really enjoyed my time conversing with Blake about WowRentals and the vacation rental business.  Glad to share my untraditional pathway into this industry.  As hard as it was to leave my dream job in corporate America, running my own business has had its rewards.  Freed of the corporate rat race… able to set my own course…  hired some great people… met some fascinating home owners … and I am fulfilling one of my many dreams.     “Mogul” may be a bit dreamy for a small fry like me in a big industry… but one day… just maybe!!  😉

Follow the links to hear the podcast.  Please leave a review for Blake on iTunes.  He does a great job.

For those of you that like podcasts, this has become one of my favorites.

ITUNES:  https://itun.es/us/71Io8.c

ANDROID:  https://soundcloud.com/halfhourintern/vacation-rental-mogul-with-ryan-bradley

WEBSITE:  http://www.halfhourintern.com/careers/vacation-rental-mogul-with-ryanbradley